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Corporate and industrial catering with allied services is our forte, for providing breakfasts, lunches and dinners to midnight snacks at locations, we offer you an entire gamut of offerings including friendly and homely services from our trained professional staff.

Corporate catering:

We also provide the customized nutritious meals like diabetic normal meal, diabetic soft meal etc. to the patients such as diabetic patients, heart patients and so on… As we believe “Health requires Healthy food”

Hospital catering

Our complete Institutional Catering solutions include various meal services in the form of buffet / Servicing meals. The menus are designed keeping in mind the client profile.

Institutional catering:

We are known for providing excellent Wedding Catering service in Chennai, for all wedding parties. In order to serve you with newer ideas, we have the list of fine and different menus ready for different occasions. We are ready to experiment and adapt to make your wedding party a grand and memorable event. We can prepare Veg. Indian as well as world cuisines for your special guests.


With the growing popularity of theme parties, we do all kind of party orders starting with birthday parties to bachelor parties, we offer our client the widest range of menus to be serve to the guest. We make sure that all the cuisine is as per the mood and theme of the party

All type of parties:

We offer special menus specially designed for your anniversary parties, engagement, house warming, seemantham perfectly fitting the size, shape and location of your event. We work in co-ordination with our clients to ensure that every aspect is suited to client's requirement and hence enable us to achieve full satisfaction. Our expertise and skills are reflected both in our food that is prepared to match extremely high standards both in terms of cuisine and hygiene and also in our menus, which are versatile and adventurous.

All type of functions:
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Our food is born from a passion for clean eating, cooking and the holistic wellbeing it brings to our clients lives. a genuine love for cooking a simple, nutrient rich diet for optimum health and wellbeing has become our life’s passion.

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Let Us Cater
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Let VU Foods take care of your catering needs. Our party trays are the perfect solution for your meeting, event or gathering. Just order with us and grab your chopsticks! Let VU Foods do all the wok for you – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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Best Catering Services in Chennai

Quality is the first key for the best catering services.VU Foods are in the pursuit of delivering the high quality food, no matter how big the event is. We are not said to be the average catering services but our whole team is in love with the services we render to the people. We actually love to work closely with you by exceeding the expectation you have set on us. We hope in bringing your visions to life. From small party events to wedding and corporate events, you can imagine our service is the best catering services in Chennai.

We ought to provide excellent Wedding Catering Service in Chennai service, cuisine, event expertise and even involved in selecting the venue. For all of us, it is all about the relationship that we develop with our customers with best Wedding Catering Services in Chennai. People insist on the décor and the food to go hand in hand. First is to ascertain the theme for the party. The minimal light in the décor with warm colors would give the best visual appeal for the food and make the party alive and curious. The appetizers are usually tray passed and are essentially bite sized that accompany a food picking tools or a napkin. It is the practical idea to ensure that the warm food is circulated. Our caterers are the Best Vegetarian Caterers in Chennai who focus on making the events interesting and guest’s attention perked.

We make every event to stun with our fun filled food. Our menu is expanding regularly to include delicious items to serve our guests. Different varieties of food are offered that fits any size of budget. Consider ordering us for the boxed lunches and many more for the events where we make the distribution at your key convenience. We are the best Corporate catering services in Chennai, who are specialized in offering protein packed options that is featured with fresh items and more. Our key goal is to gain attention from our customers. We make the events interesting by having many varieties at its best. We ought to live in a more health conscious world for the better.

We add deserts as a cap to the food time where all are positioned to participate. We even serve freshly baked cookies which are not too big to bite and the sweet trays for a few bites of heaven. One will definitely enjoy the sweets for including it in the order. We didn't forget about the beverages. Usually, the canned beverages are preferred with bottled water. For the breakfast or even for the lunch the coffee serves as a super stimulant for many. We usually focus on avoiding food wastage and also try to satisfy our clientsnnai. Our formula outlined to carry out the right amount of food and make the event active with all our new beverages. There is always an additional option to add the extra item for the respective menu by our crew. One can feel free to contact our Veg catering services in Chennai and we help you out together to make it a most memorable event.